Brothers burn a man alive-Affair suspected with sister

Brothers burn a man alive-Affair suspected with sister

The horrific incident took place in Nimbahera.
Brothers burn a man alive-Affair suspected with sister

-The brothers first assaulted the man.

-When the victim fell unconscious, they poured petrol on him and burnt him alive.

In a horrific incident of murder, a man was burnt alive by 2 brothers suspecting an affair. The 2 brothers have been arrested by police.

The incident occurred in Nimbahera, Chittorgarh.  A half-burnt body was found in the forests of Alsigarh on 12th December. The body was identified as Ishaq Mohammed. Ishaq’s nephew informed police that he last saw Ishaq going towards the field on 8th December. It was also revealed by one of the neighbours that Ishaq was spotted at his field with Chetan’s sister and this had irated the 2 brothers Chetan and Rajesh.

The investigations also revealed that when Ishaq was going towards the field, Chetan saw him as his house falls on the way. This aroused suspicion and police used dog squads to locate the brothers and arrested them on Wednesday. Upon interrogation, the brothers revealed that they had seen Ishaq talking to their sister several times. Chetan also said that he had once caught them red-handed inside the house as well.

Even after warnings when the duo did not stop meeting, the brothers decided to put an end to this affair. The 2 brothers first bashed up Ishaq to such an extent that he fainted. They then tied him up in a sack and carried him to the forest and poured petrol over the body and burnt him alive.

The brothers also said that Ishaq was already a married man and was misleading their minor sister. The 2 brothers are now being interrogated for further details.

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