Businessman killed over petty issue at Pratapgarh

Businessman killed over petty issue at Pratapgarh

Kin vandalise Dhabba of the accused in retaliation
murder at pratapgarh
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Pratapgarh-Ghanshyam Prajapat a local businessman of Pratapgarh district was tragically killed following a dispute that escalated into a fatal altercation. The incident took place in Kherot village of Pratapgarh district, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Ghanshyam Prajapat, who operated a construction material business, had an ongoing dispute with Jai Singh, who ran a Dhabba near Ghanshyam's shop. The conflict escalated on Monday evening, leading to a heated argument between the two. Later that night, Jai Singh, along with four associates, allegedly planned and carried out a revenge attack at Ghanshyam's residence. They called him outside his house and fatally stabbed him with a knife before fleeing the scene.

The news of Ghanshyam's death sparked outrage among his relatives and villagers, prompting them to stage a protest. They blocked the highway and also vandalized Jai Singh's Dhabba and liqour shop in retaliation also pelted stones of the police team. The situation required police intervention, led by Deputy SP Herambh Joshi, to restore order.

Despite initial resistance from Ghanshyam's relatives, who demanded the immediate arrest of the accused and stringent action against them, Deputy SP Joshi managed to persuade them to allow the postmortem of Ghanshyam's body. The postmortem was finally conducted on Tuesday after assurances were given regarding the swift arrest of Jai Singh and ongoing efforts to apprehend the other suspects involved in the crime.

As of the latest update, Jai Singh, identified as the main accused, has been arrested and charged with murder. However, the police continue their efforts to locate and apprehend the remaining individuals involved in the tragic incident.

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