Canara bank robbery-7 years of imprisonment

Canara bank robbery-7 years of imprisonment

7 years of jail to youth who robbed Canara bank in 2015.

Canara bank robbery-7 years of imprisonment

In a case of robbery in a bank, robbers have been awarded 7 years of imprisonment. The incident dates back to July 2015.

The entire robbery scene was attempted in a filmy style. The court of Additional Session Judge-4 sentenced these two youth to 7 years of imprisonment. The arrested youth Rohit and Nishant used to work as interior decorators for hotels. They planned this bank robbery to get rid of burden of loans they had in their names.

Court has sentenced them to 7 years of imprisonment each with 5000 rupees as penalty under section 397, 3 years of imprisonment under section 452/34. Nishant was also sentenced under section 4/25 under arms act and 1 thousand rupees as fine.

Canara bank robbery-7 years of imprisonment Canara bank robbery-7 years of imprisonment

On 31st July 2015, cashier Ragini was busy attending customers in Canara bank, Bhuwana branch. Branch Manager and other staff were in field for loan recovery. Vandana was busy at the bank’s authorised counter. At 1327 hours 2 youth entered the bank which their faces covered with scarf and helmet. One of these youth pointed a gun at the lady on the authorised counter and asked her to put up her hands. The other youth pointed a knife at Ragini’s head and took all the cash and escaped. The entire process took merely 2 minutes.

SP Rajendra Goyal investigated the crime scene. He handed over the case to Bhupalpura police station. SI Manjit Singh enquired with the local arms suppliers and discovered that Rohit Upadhyay of Ganesh Ghati bought an air gun from him. All details of Rohit registered with the arms supplier were found to be authentic. Rohit was called for who confessed committing the robbery. As per Rohit’s details, the other youth Nishant was also arrested by police. All the physical details of these 2 youth matched with CCTV footage.

It may be noted that both these culprits were arrested within 24 hours of crime along with the robbed cash amounting to 7 and a half lakh rupees. Vehicle used for crime, gloves, scarves, helmet and the bag were also recovered by police.

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