Cyber Fraud Part 18- Betting Scam

Cyber Fraud Part 18- Betting Scam

Beware of unknown websites

betting scam

Cybercrime is a rising concern in today's technologically advanced society. Fraudsters use a variety of fraud strategies in order to make money. This article will focus on one of the strategies employed by a fraudster, Betting Fraud

Understanding About This Scam:

Scams in sports betting and sports investment attempt to convince you to invest in foolproof systems and software that ensures a profit on sporting events. These are basically forms of gambling masked as respectable investments. Most schemes or initiatives do not operate as advertised, and consumers are unable to reclaim their funds. Many times, the provider suddenly vanishes. 

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The fraudster will attempt to offer you a software package that claims to properly forecast sporting results, often of the events like sports events or horse race events. They will guarantee large returns or profits as a result of using the software. 

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Avoid This Scam:

  • In case you are scammed by any app or website, report to the bank as soon as possible to prevent further transactions.
  • Call the bank to block your card, account and UPI number.
  • One should not make payments on unknown websites. 
  • Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting 

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