Cyber Fraud Part 27: Fake Advertisements and Offers

Cyber Fraud Part 27: Fake Advertisements and Offers

Beware of fake ads and offers
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In today's digital age, advertisements and shopping offers are everywhere, especially during festivals and special occasions. However, not all of them are authentic. This article sheds light on various frauds carried out through fake advertisements and offers seen on online websites and social media apps.


Raju and Forty Theives

Source: Raju & The Forty Thieves

Criminals use false ads to trick people into transferring money or giving away their financial information. These ads can appear while you're browsing online, in your social media feed, via email, on calls or even in newspapers and public places.

Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are often used to spread fake advertisements. These ads promise huge discounts or gifts if you click on a link or register on a site. Beware of these tricks.

One type of fraud involves ads being shown in a way that users don't actually see them. This targets ad networks that pay based on views, not clicks. Another method, called click hijacking, involves redirecting a click on one ad to another, often compromising the user's computer or the website.

Another common fraud is fake app installation. Ads in mobile apps can lead to teams of people installing apps thousands of times and interacting with them in bulk to generate false engagement. Scammers can use botnets to generate thousands of fake clicks on an ad, or fake visits to a website displaying the ads. 

How to Avoid This Scam?

  • In case of brand offers, check the official website of the brand. 
  • Report the incident to the nearest Cyber Crime Police Station and National Cyber Crime Portal
  • For non-branded product advertisements, visit shops and buy a product. 
  • Check the authentication of the advertisement or offer. 


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