Dead Body Found in Closed Shop at Ashwini Market Raises Questions

Dead Body Found in Closed Shop at Ashwini Market Raises Questions

Police have begun their Investigation...

Ashwini Market Closed Shop Dead Body

A disturbing incident took place in Udaipur on Friday, March 29, 2024, as a dead body was discovered within a closed shop, sparking immediate concerns about a potential crime. The discovery took place at a shop situated in the middle of Udaipur’s bustling Ashwini Market.

Upon discovering the lifeless body, a group of individuals swiftly gathered around the shop. Without delay, they promptly informed the Hathipol Police station, alerting authorities of the chilling incident.

In response, the police swiftly reached the scene to assess the situation. The lifeless body was carefully transported to the MB Hospital Mortuary for further examination and investigation.

According to statements provided by the police, concerned citizens had initially been drawn to the closed shop by a foul odor emanating from within, igniting a sense of unease among them. Investigations by the police revealed that a dead body had been left undisturbed for approximately 4 to 5 days in the closed shop, deepening the mystery surrounding the circumstances of the individual's death.

The deceased individual has been placed under the care of the mortuary at MB Hospital and investigations will gather pace once the results from the medical examination are available to the investigation team. 

In 2023, a similar incident occurred in the same area, where a middle-aged man was killed by a stranger. The incident came to light when an individual spotted the dead body and informed the police. The accused of this incident is still missing and yet to be arrested by the authorities. 

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