Double Murder Investigation: Maria used a Fire Gun to melt the Gold she looted

Double Murder Investigation: Maria used a Fire Gun to melt the Gold she looted

Ongoing Police Investigation in the Udaipur Double Murder Case: Police Custody Remand ends on 7 November

Dawoodi Bohra Double Murder in Udaipur Update on Investigations The Full Story of the Udaipur Dawoodi Bohra Double Murder Case
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The prime accused in the Udaipur Double Murder case, Maria, has shared significant information with the Police in the ongoing investigation.  Maria is under Police Custody (PC) remand till 7 November, as prime accused in the murder of two elderly sisters that took place at Diamond Colony in Navratan Complex, Udaipur on 26 October.

The Police, on Monday 6 November, took her to the Petrol Pump from where she had bought petrol which she used to ignite the carpet in the house with an intent to set fire to the house and make the murder look like accidental fire. During the interrogation following the visit to the Petrol Pump, Maria also divulged significant information on the Gold that she robbed from the house of the two deceased victims.

Dr. Hanuwant Singh Rajpurohit, Station House Officer (SHO) of Ambamata Police, informed that the accused accepted that she used a part of the stolen Gold to take a loan from a Bank and liquified (melted) the remaining Gold ornaments. She confessed that she melted the Gold at her home using a Fire Gun. Maria confessed that she purchased the Fire Gun from a shop in Hathipol. The Police have also interrogated the agents who got Maria the Bank loan using Gold as deposit.

The Story Till Now

Investigations into the Double Murder of two elderly women at Diamond Colony in Udaipur on 26 October, led the Police to arrest Maria, 32, a resident of Udaipur. Maria was the daughter in law of the third sister of the two sisters who were murdered, allegedly by Maria. After her arrest, Police had secured a Police Custody remand from the Udaipur Court till 7 November. Maria has reportedly confessed to the murder and is taking the Police through the entire incident and the full sequence of purpose and events that led to the eventual murder. The investigations are still on and Police still suspect that there is a possibility of the involvement of other people too, in the murder.

One of the deceased, Hussaina, used to stay with her son in Delhi. Her son works with LG at a senior management position. She used to come to Udaipur twice every year and used to stay at her house in Diamond Colony, which is located in Navratna Complex area of Udaipur. Her other sister, Sara, who stays in Udaipur, used to come and stay with her whenever she came to Udaipur. Since Maria used to stay in an apartment less than 100 meters away, she used to come and visit them occasionally. Maria is married to the son of the deceased's third sister Zubeida.

Interrogations till date have revealed that Maria used to invest in the Stock Market, where she lost around Rs 30 Lakh. The theft of Gold from her Mother in Laws Sisters and the eventual murder was an outcome of her necessity to make up for that loss, as per Police reports.

Police also informed that her Mobile Internet search history shows how Maria searched for stories and information on how to kill using an iron rod, how to set fire, how to tackle Police investigations following the murder, etc. This update points to her taking this step in a planned manner and is not an act of the moment.

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