Duplicate key maker arrested by Goverdhan Vilas police

Duplicate key maker arrested by Goverdhan Vilas police

Do not leave your room while you have a key-maker working on the locks of your house.

  Duplicate key maker arrested by Goverdhan Vilas police

In the recent incident of theft in a house in Hiranmagri Sector 14, the duplicate key-maker has been arrested by Goverdhan Vilas police. The key-maker was the suspect as he was the only one who had handled the cupboard for making keys and after that no one had even touched the cupboard. Also it was discovered that there were no locks broken and no keys had gone missing since his visit. These reasons made him an obvious suspect.

Sher Singh Sikligar resident of Bedwas kachchi basti was arrested as he was the one called for making duplicate keys. It may be noted that Teena Joshi had lodged a complaint in police station that her cupboard locker had 7 tolas of gold which went missing after the keys were made but it was discovered later as since then no had bothered to check the locker.

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While the key-maker was making keys for the cupboard after he was done with making duplicate keys for scooty, the family had left him to carry on with his work while they got busy with daily chores. Police interrogated a lot of key-makers of that area and also checked the CCTV footages. Sher Singh was the obvious suspect and he was the only one spotted in the footages.

The key-maker revealed that when the lady of the house went out of the room to attend to her child, he stole the opportunity of opening the locker as the key bunch was lying there. He took the gold jewellery and locked the locker again. When the lady entered the room again, he informed her that the locker had gone out of order and would attract a sum of around 400 rupees to which the lady refused. He then left the premises. No one at that time suspected that they had been robbed.

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