Cyber Fraud Part 19 - Fake Vaccination Call

Cyber Fraud Part 19 - Fake Vaccination Call

The vaccine is free: Never trust a person offering you vaccine in exchange of money

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Crime and Criminality have been associated with man since a long time ago. There are different strategies used by different fraudsters to trick you. Cybercrime is an attack on information about individuals, corporations or the government. Cybercrime also includes traditional crimes that are  conducted with the access of the internet. This article will focus on Fake Vaccination Call

Understand About This Scam:

Criminals are using the vaccine to trick the public into handing over cash or financial information.They will send good looking text messages informing people that they are eligible for the vaccine or calling people directly posing as representatives of the NHS or a local pharmacy. 

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People are asked to confirm their desire to receive the vaccine by pressing a number on their keypad or sending a text message; doing so is likely to result in a charge being applied to their phone bill and fraudsters collecting personal information. 

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Victims receive a phone call from a bogus caller offering the vaccine for a fee or requesting bank information.

Fake URL links to convincing-looking NHS vaccine booking forms; these look like official NHS forms and may already contain some personal information; at the end of the form, they are asked for their bank account information.

Fraudsters call people and tell them they will be provided vaccination at their homes. They will pretend that they are from the NHS and in order to receive the vaccine they will have to pay cash. 

Avoid This Scam: 

  • Never share your OTP, UPI number or other bank credentials with any stranger.
  • Covid Vaccines are always free.
  • Vaccines never arrive at your home.
  • Do not respond to text messages that try to get you to send money, or important personal information and services.
  • Don't share your Aadhaar Card number or PAN card number with anyone. 
  • Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting 

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