Head constable nabbed taking bribe

Head constable nabbed taking bribe

Head constable nabbed by ACB in a case of bribery.

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Head constable nabbed taking bribe

A head constable was nabbed by Anti Corruption Bureau. The ACB set a trap for 2 days after receiving complaints against head constable Maliram Chowdhary of Gogunda police station. He is posted at the Gogunda police station for the past 3 years.

A few days earlier 2 females from the village had a serious fight which they reported in Gogunda police station. The very second day of filing the report, the family members settled the issue between the females and they presented a copy of the memo of mutual agreement in the police station. Despite this, the head constable made them stay in the police station until late night. It has also been reported that the ASI before leaving for the day asked him to release  the females. After the ASI left, Maliram told the females that ASI is no one to say anything to him and that even the ministers take appointment from him. He demanded 15000 rupees to release the females against which they gave him 4000 rupees as the first instalment. Jeevan Singh, one of the family members of the affected party first informed ACB about the bribery incident and while they were handing over the amount to the head constable, the party secretly made a video of the incident. Later the head constable started troubling Jeevan Singh for the balance amount. He even got annoyed when Jeevan did not pick up the calls.

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Jeevan Singh later informed him that he was sick and asked Maliram to collect the amount from the marble godown. Maliram took official jeep to the godown. There were 2 other policemen in the jeep but they stayed in the jeep with a criminal and Maliram went inside. The moment he was handed over the amount by Jeevan, he was nabbed by the ACB team. The ACB team is interrogating Maliram and is also taking a look into the other assets that he possesses.

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