Husband kills wife-Body found below bridge

Husband kills wife-Body found below bridge

Husband killed wife for dowry.

Husband kills wife-Body found below bridge

killer husband Narendra Singh


A husband killed his wife and threw her body below the bridge near new RTO office. He was demanding dowry from her.

In a case of dowry, husband Narendra Singh s/o Udai Singh took his wife Jamna Kanwar (Jyoti) near New RTO office, killed her and threw her body down the bridge. The incident happened 3 days back. Jyoti’s father Bhagwat Singh reported that his daughter was kidnapped by Narendra Singh.

As per details stated in the report, Jyoti got married to Narendra in 2012. Since then itself, Narendra used to demand dowry and harass Jyoti by beating her. He also demanded a piece of land in Udaipur. In the meantime, Jyoti had a child who is now 4 years old. Six months back, the matter between the couple was settled in front of community panch. Even after this, Narendra did not stop harassing Jyoti. He went to the extent of stripping her naked before beating her.

After this Jyoti left her husband and went to live with her parents. Narendra kept the kid with himself. On 13th October, Narendra called Jyoti near new RTO office so that she could meet the child. After reaching RTO office, the couple had a heated argument since the child was not there. Narendra stabbed Jyoti with a knife and threw her below the bridge. When Jyoti did not return home, her father asked Narendra about her. Narendra could not give a satisfactory response to this which created doubt in the father’s mind.

As per police investigation, Narendra attacked Jyoti with a knife. In order to defend herself Jyoti put forward her hand and the knife went through her flesh. After this, Narendra attacked her 8 to 10 times and finally slit her throat.

As per Jyoti’s parents, she hadn’t met her son since two months. Narendra took advantage of the situation. Whenever Jyoti called him up with a wish to meet the child, Narendra demanded dowry. He then called her to the lonely area on the pretext of allowing her to meet the child. Curious to meet her son, Jyoti trusted him and went to meet him without informing her parents.

This is when Narendra got the opportunity to kill her. He has been arrested by the police. The news of Jyoti’s body being found under the bridge created panic among the residents of that area and everybody gathered around the bridge. Jyoti’s body has been handed over to her parents after post-mortem.

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