Cyber Fraud Part 11 - Juice Jacking - Stealing of Data Through Charging Cable

Cyber Fraud Part 11 - Juice Jacking - Stealing of Data Through Charging Cable

Avoid using charging stations situated at public places

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As a result of the numerous advances taking place in our quickly evolving modern world, cybercrime is on the rise. The focus of this article will be on the fraudster's technique known as "Juice Jacking," which involves stealing data over a charging cable. Beware of juice jacking as this is a USB charger scam that can drain your bank account. 

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What is this scam all about?

It is a cyberattack that starts from USB charging connections located at free USB charging stations, including those found at airports, hotels, and other public locations. If you are a victim of Juice Jacking, it might have bad results for you. 

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Although it isn't a particularly new danger, it still manages to capture unsuspecting mobile users. A USB port is frequently employed as a data transfer channel. The data transfer is often turned off by default on most phones and the connection is only visible on the end that supplies power. 

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It is a system for exchanging data back and forth. The device owner in this instance of juice jacking is unable to see what the USB port is connected to. Therefore, if someone is checking on the other end when the phone is connected, they will be able to transfer data between your device and theirs. 

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Save yourself from this scam:

  • To prevent unwanted access to your mobile phone, use antivirus software. 
  • Use only cords and charging adapters that you can trust. 
  • Avoid using portable wall chargers or public charging stations. 
  • Carry a portable charger if you have one.
  • Only bring and use your own cables.
  • Switch your mobile phones while charging as the USB port will be connected to your flash storage. 
  • Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal

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