"Two Attacks on my life in the last 20 days",Kapil Surana, Marble Entrepreneur, Udaipur

"Two Attacks on my life in the last 20 days",Kapil Surana, Marble Entrepreneur, Udaipur

Kapil Surana call Press Conference to clarify his stand on the dispute between himself and property dealer Laxman Singh Jhala

Attack on Kapil Surana Marble Businessman Udaipur Accused BJP Leader Laxman Singh Jhala of intimidating the tribals in the region to acquire illegal land for construction of ITC Mementos Hotel in Aakya, Eklingji Udaipur
Kapil pointed out that there have been multiple instances, which have resulted in revenue loss to the exchequer, amounting to Crores of Rupees.

The dispute between Udaipur businessman Kapil Surana and property dealer Laxman Singh Jhala is getting complicated day by day. Initially, Surana had filed a report against Jhala and a few others at Sukher police station accusing them of assaulting him. The police arrested Jhala after a hunt was launched for him. He was apprehended from Himachal Pradesh and brought to Udaipur. Subsequently, his wife released a video and made serious allegations against Surana. She also called him close to Gulab Chand Kataria and said that he was falsely implicating her husband Jhala.

Amidst these allegations and counter allegations, Kapil Surana presented his version on the matter and made serious allegations against Laxman Singh Jhala and the owner of ITC Mementos in Udaipur, Vijendra Singh Chaudhary. Interestingly, as per Surana, Jhala has a 25% ownership in the ITC property, with Chaudhary owning the remaining 75%. 

Ater the case was registered against Laxman Singh Jhala for the attack on Surana near a petrol pump in Sukher, the police arrested him 2 days ago. A few people from the Rajput community staged a sit-in outside the police station in his support, and termed this action by the police as unwarranted. The police, however, as per protocol, presented him before the Magistrate, from where he was sent on one-day remand, following which, on Thursday the court sent him to judicial custody.

Subsequent to the order of the Udaipur Court, the aggrieved party, Kapil Surana called a press conference and in his address to the media, said that he has been fighting for his rights over ancestral land for over a decade.

He said that on the suit filed in Jodhpur High Court, instructions were given to the district administration to give him the rights. In compliance with the instructions of the Hon'ble Court, the administration got the boundary of his land demarcated, in which it has becomes clear that now there is no way to go to ITC Mementos Resort, a part of which, allegedly is located on Surana's ancestral property at Aakya, Eklingji, near Udaipur.

Kapil claimed that the entry road to the ITC resort, some part of the culvert, parking, half of the reception have been built on his land. Due to this, he is being constantly pressurized to leave his ancestral land. He alleged that Vijendra Chaudhary and Laxman Singh Jhala, were overwhelmed by the results of his 10 year long sturggle with the law, made two deadly attacks on him in the last 20 days. Surana also shared documents with the media and said that the underhanded deeds of the land mafia, who have declared themselves as the 'messiah of the poor and the one who supports the poor in good and bad times', have been sent along with these documents.

Surana said that property dealer Laxman Singh Jhala is publicly making statements that he has no dealings with the resort owner Vijendra Chaudhary or any person related to him. He asked that if this is the case, then why has 450 bigha land been purchased by Jhala with Vijendra Singh, the owner of ITC Mementos property. He said that land is being usurped by torturing the tribals by intimidating them.

He also alleged that the conversion of this resort has been done in a completely fraudulent manner. This is an encroachment on government land. Kapil also pointed out that there have been multiple instances which have resulted in revenue loss amounting to Crores of rupees to the exchequer. The natural drain has been narrowed and filled up for 2 km and a road has been constructed illegally. Gram Panchayat, former MLA Dharm Narayan Joshi, environment lovers etc. have complained about this. But the road is still the same. Surana said that the resort has increased the height of the anicut built by Seva Mandir by 2 meters due to which the wells below have dried up. Earlier, the tribals used to go to the anicut to give water to their cattle, but now traffic has been completely stopped by building a vetticade there. After the court gave a decision in his favor, two more life-threatening attacks have been made on him till now. Expressing seriousness, he said that in future also some untoward incident can happen to him or his family and if any such incident happens then ITC Mementos owner Vijendra Chaudhary and Laxman Singh Jhala will be responsible for it.

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