Killed for dowry-Woman’s family accuses in-laws of murder

Woman killed by in-laws for dowry.

Killed for dowry-Woman’s family accuses in-laws of murder

A woman’s family members have accused her in-laws of murder. As per the accusation the in-laws killed their daughter Swati as they used to torture her for bringing in lesser dowry with her. Swati got married in 2017 to Hitesh from Kalka Mata road, Udaipur,  but was constantly accused by in-laws including her husband for not bringing a good amount of dowry. Following this, Swati informed her parents who somehow settled the matter with her in-laws and sent her back a number of times.

As informed by brother Dhiraj, Swati was brought back home by her husband on 6th Aril 2019.  One day he took her back to his house on the pretext of a wedding in the family. Swati said that even her phone was tracked by her husband. On 25th April, she was given some kind of poison. When the family members wanted to see her, the in-laws did not even allow them to enter her room. Police has registered a case of dowry killing against the in-laws and further investigation is on.

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