Cyber Fraud Part 12 - Lottery Fraud

Cyber Fraud Part 12 - Lottery Fraud

Beware of fake lottery fraud messages and calls

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The risk of cybercrime is rising daily. Your money is in the sights of several fraudsters. Be aware of the scams that fraudsters employ to defraud you. Have awareness of the pros and cons of the developing technological environment. This article about cybercrime will concentrate on Lottery Fraud

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What is lottery fraud?

The name suggests that you have got a lottery offer and while claiming it you have been debited by the fraudsters. This fraud happens on a daily basis. These usually take the form of a phone call or email informing you that you have just won the lottery. You will need to enter your information, such as your bank account number and personal identity number, or even transfer a very little amount to another bank account, in order to collect the money. 

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 Genuine lotteries do not demand a fee to collect winnings. You have been caught by the fraudster after you accept this money as your own and proceed as instructed in the email or phone conversation. The fraudster not only claims your money but will have your card details also. 

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Avoid this Scam: 

  • Before accepting a message from an unknown caller on behalf of a business or management team, you should double-check its message.
  • Always verify lottery offers with websites.
  • Do not make payments without verification, expecting a very high return.
  • If you have made a payment and realized it was a fraudster, immediately reach out to your bank. 
  • It is undoubtedly a trap if someone demands cash in order for you to be entered in the lottery. 
  • Never share your personal bank account information to strangers. 
  • Report the occurrence to the local cybercrime police station and the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal

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