Man arrested for killing minor daughter, dumping body in river

Man arrested for killing minor daughter, dumping body in river

Killed the victim in the influence of Alcohol

Man Arrested for killing daughter at Dungarpur

Dungarpur 31 March 2023,  A man has been arrested for killing his one and a hlaf year old daughter for suspicious reasons here at Likhibado village of Dungarpur district on Friday. The accused father have dumped her dead body in the nearby river.

The incident came to light on Friday morning when dead body of the deceased girl was recovered from the river. The accused father Naresh Kumar (35) has been arrested and booked under several sections of IPC including section 302.He is still under police interrogation.

According to police victim's mother Sita got married to her father Naresh 11 years back, they are having 3 daughters in which their elder daughter Saraswati is 5 year old,Jamuna is 4 year old and the one who died is Krishna who was 1.5 year old.

In her report Sita told police that her husband Naresh is alcoholic, he often had arguments with her and also beat her in the influence of alcohol. On 28th March she went to the fields to cut the crops and her 3 daughters and their father Naresh were alone at the house. When she returned back home at the evening she found that her husband Naresh and her younger daughter Krishna were not at home.

When Naresh returned back home that night at 8 pm their daughter Krishna was not with her. Upon aslimg about her Naresh told her that he had left Krishna at the house of one of his friend. But on the next day when she asked Naresh about Krishna he started avoiding her.

Frustrated over the incident Sita went to her parental house and shared the incident with her father and brothers. Later that night Naresh went to his in laws house at after consuming alcohol. When his father in law asked him about Kirshna he confessed that he had killed his 1.5 year old daughter and dumped her dead body in the river, but he somehow managed to flee from there, police said.

Sita and her relatives later informed the Thambola police about the incident and also lodged a complaint against Naresh.Upon getting the complaint the police immediately launched an investigation into the matter and arrested the accused Naresh from the nearby forest on Friday morning. Police have also recovered the dead body of the deceased girl from the river on the information of the accused.

Sp Dungarpur Kundan Kawariya told that the accused has been arrested and is under police interrogation. The actual cause of murder is yet to be ascertain. However initially it was learnt that the accused is alcoholic and use to have quarrels with his wife. He might have killed her daughter in the influence of alcohol.04:57 PM

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