Man kills 3 year old-Sentenced to life imprisonment

Man kills 3 year old-Sentenced to life imprisonment

Gavri performer sentenced to life imprisonment for killing 3 year old son.

Man kills 3 year old-Sentenced to life imprisonment

A man killed his own 3 year old son and has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

During Gavri performance which is a tribal folk dance, a man killed his 3 year old son with a sword. While the ritual of Balaavan(बलावण)was going on, this man got so engrossed in the ritual that he lost control and killed his own 3 year old son to offer as sacrifice to the deity. After the “sacrifice”, he tried to escape by injuring the policemen with sword. These policemen were about to arrest him for the crime.

The incident dates back to 9th October in 2015. During this time, Gavri performance was going on in Badundia village. A dance that depicted बलावण was going on. Bhanaram Gameti was performing the role of Raiburiya in this folk dance. Suddenly Bhanaram got up and started jumping and dancing madly. He then ran towards his house. His son Tulsiram(3 years) was playing outside the house. Bhanaram picked up his son and locked himself inside the house.

Chunnilal and Laluram saw him going in with the kid. They sensed that something was wrong and knocked at the door. When Bhanaram didn’t open the door, they went up the kelu roof and removed some of the kelu tiles. The scene in the house was beyond imagination. Bhanaram had chopped off his son’s head with a sword. After this he even tried to immolate himself by pouring kerosene over his body. Since the house was surrounded by villagers, Bhanaram managed to escape with sword in hand. Police men who tried to arrest him were attacked with the same sword and got injured.

Public prosecutor Gajendra Singh Solanki presented 16 witnesses and 28 documents against Bhanaram. ADJ-5 Yogesh Sharma has sentenced him to life imprisonment declaring him guilty under Section 302 with a cash penalty of 25 thousand rupees.

Source : bhaskarnews

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