UPDATED NEWS: Police Roundup Masjid Maulana and 8 others in violation of curfew orders - Sent to Isolation

UPDATED NEWS: Police Roundup Masjid Maulana and 8 others in violation of curfew orders - Sent to Isolation

Criminal proceedings will be initiated against them under IPC Section 188 and 270 for violating Curfew Orders
UPDATED NEWS: Police Roundup Masjid Maulana and 8 others in violation of curfew orders - Sent to Isolation
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UPDATED INFORMATION and CONTENT: Clarification on the actual happenings in the Masjid, which led to the rounding up by Police.

Ambamata Police have rounded up 9 men including the Maulana of a local Masjid in Mulla Talai, allegedly, for inviting people to the masjid on the occasion of Shab-e-Baraat.  Mulla Talai is under Curfew following the identification of Udaipur’s only coronavirus positive patients.  The city is under lockdown almost a week before the national lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister.

The arrests, as per the Police FIR came after the Maulana allegedly announced over the loud speaker more than the permitted numbers gathered. This was in spite of local leaders in the community and maulvis of other masjids requesting people to stay at home and pray from home and show solidarity in times of the lockdown and curfew.

UPDATED on 10 April 2020
As per residents of the areas who reported this information to be false, UdaipurTimes has updated this information with the inforamation given by residents of the area which was checked and also a statement issued by the Secrertary, Anjuman Talimul Islam. As per the statement, it was clarified that the Maulana had NOT asked people to attend the Namaz at the Masjid, as reported by the Police.  The announcement, as per the statement of the Secretary, says that the Maulana was requesting people to stay at home and NOT COME to Masjid.  The Maulana was announcing the details of the Namaz to be offered on the Holy occasion of Shab-e-Barat.  The  Masjid had 5 people in it and there were 4 people sitting outside the Masjid, who ran inside the Masjid when the Hawk Police vehicle appeared outside the Masjid. This resulted in the total number of people in the Masjid go up to 9, which is the number of arrests given by the police. The Police, on being asked to clarify, have said that 9 people have been sent to Quarantine and the police will try them under Section 188 and 270 for violating curfew orders.
The Statement given by the Secrertary of Anjuman, further assures that the Community is showing complete solidarity with the administration on the lockdown situation.  It went on to say that every Masjid and each Maulana in the area are requesting people to stay at home and abstain from coming to the Masjid even on important occasions.  The Community is addressing the efforts of the administration in every possible way.
Letter presented by the Anjuman Talimul Islam to Collector

As per station officer at Ambamata Police Station, Laxman Ram Bishnoi, the police first tried to dissuade the Maulana from the announcement.  But in spite of this, the announcement continued.  The Police, hence had no other option but to arrest the Maulana and the other 8 who had gathered there.  All were booked under Section 188 and 270 of the India Penal Code, for violating orders of Curfew.

Being an infected area, the Police sent the 9 persons for screening before handing them over the the hospital authorities.  The 9 persons have been sent on isolation at the OTC Quarantine centre of MB Hospital.

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