Miscreants create terror near Chandpole bridge

Miscreants create terror near Chandpole bridge

Public has demanded that immediate action be taken these people creating nuisance.
Miscreants create terror near Chandpole bridge

The miscreants have been taking drugs/consuming liquor at Pichola lakeside and are also involved in various thefts in the area.

If anyone dares to stop them, they indulge in physical fights hurting the people.

There have been reports of miscreants frequenting Chandpole area and creating terror among the public. The residents have demanded that strict be taken against these people and public be relieved of the terror.

Ward-12 councillor in his written complaint to the SP has asked for immediate action to be taken against the miscreants. The report states that these people have been consuming drug/liquor near Chandpole bridge and are also behind thefts in the area.

The complaint also states that if anyone tries to stop these miscreants from consuming drugs in public view, these nuisance creators indulge in fights with the people. They are also causing damage to the development works done under smart city project.

It may be noted that Chandpole bridge is quite a busy bridge and children and elderly members also move around the bridge. It is not advisable to consume liquor/drugs openly as this will have a negative effect on the children. As it is, consumption of drugs is a crime. Strict action must be taken by the police and the residents must be relieved of the fear they are facing daily.

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