Modus operandi for thefts in wedding venues

Modus operandi for thefts in wedding venues

Beautifully dressed children commit thefts in wedding venues.

Modus operandi for thefts in wedding venues

There have been a lot of thefts in the wedding venues in Udaipur city. One person was arrested while 3 are absconding in these cases. The modus operandi of the thieves was quite a smart one. This reminds of the news that we had posted more than a year back wherein thieves were smartly clad (suit boot mein aay chor). Beware of smartly dressed strangers on the occasion of wedding in your family. They are most likely to be thieves.

Sukher police arrested Madhya Pradesh resident Akhilesh Nagar in this case. A 14 year old child has also been detained in theft case in wedding venues. A car used by the thieves has also been seized. Three others including a woman are absconding.

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Police received information regarding a suspiciously moving car bearing number MH-01-MA-7250 near Orbit resort. When police approached the car, the driver increased the speed and tried to flee from the site. When police stopped the car, three people including a woman ran away while one got arrested along with a 14 year old. A number new of clothes for children were obtained from the car. It was revealed that the children after committing the crime handed over the bags to the female members and changed clothes in the car itself to escape being recognized. After this they would head to another wedding venue and the chain would continue in similar way.

The arrested car driver said that he does not recall the number of thefts committed by the team. He came in contact with this group and was given the job of driving the car. He was offered 1000 rupees per day for 10 days of the weddings in the city. The group has committed more than 15 thefts in Udaipur, Chittor, Nimbahera and other districts.

The driver Akhilesh also said that there are a number of gangs operating in this direction and none of them keeps the stolen things within the same group. Children are dressed up smartly as per wedding who hand over the stolen bags to the females who in turn give the bags to the others who are all set to leave in trains.

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