‘Natwarlals’ befool Police-Case of threatening residents in Mallatalai

‘Natwarlals’ befool Police-Case of threatening residents in Mallatalai

Criminals befooled police by changing vehicles and escaped.

‘Natwarlals’ befool Police-Case of threatening residents in Mallatalai

In reference to the case of threatening residents of Mallatalai area with revolvers, police has not yet been able to arrest the criminals. Despite a lot of barricading done by police to nab these criminals, all of them escaped in typical filmy “natwarlal” style.

These “natwarlals” have managed to befool 42 police stations. As per police reports, the criminals changed 3 vehicles which confused the police department. They could not make out when and how these criminals escaped their sight.

Residents of Mallatalai area had informed police much in time about the incident of some goons carrying revolvers and threatening around people. CCTV footage was also provided, yet no one has been arrested so far. Police department says that they were about to nab these culprits but got confused since 3 vehicles were changed by these criminals.

Police is still trying to raid all the possible centres where these criminals can be found. Earlier police got information that these criminals were trying to escape in a blue car. Then they were informed that the criminals had used a bike to escape. They tried searching in all sensitive areas based on the bike number but in vain.  Probably it was during this time that the criminals moved out the city and hid somewhere. It was then speculated that the criminals were somewhere in Rajsamand. Police even checked the CCTV footage obtained from toll plaza but got no clue.

(media reports)

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