Justice for Nirbhaya: Convicts may be hanged on the same date as attack - 16 December

Justice for Nirbhaya: Convicts may be hanged on the same date as attack - 16 December

All four could be hanged at the same time / day. Nirbhaya to get justice delivered finally...
Justice for Nirbhaya: Convicts may be hanged on the same date as attack - 16 December
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Legal Options for all four convicts are exhausted

Mercy petition of Vinay rejected by LG

Supreme Court has ordered appearance before Court on 13 December

Curative Petitions, if any, can be heard on the same day

Justice for Nirbhaya, which had been pending for the last 7 years  is scheduled to be handed over in the next few days – any day after 13 December, and probably on the 16th i.e. the same day that this incident happened, could be the day that justice is delivered finally.

The horrendous 16 December 2012 episode comes to light whenever there is rape or violence against women in the country – justice, though had been kept pending.  The Hyderabad Veterinarian rape and murder has further heated up the already sensitive case.

However, in keeping with the judicial system adopted by the Indian Constitution, the convicts in the Nirbhaya case have been provided all legal options by the apex court.  The legal options have been exhausted and it is just a matter of time before the rapists are given their due punishment that will set an example. It may be noted that Supreme Court had dismissed review petitions of all the four convicts and orderd their death penalty in June 2018. The Apex court has termed the incident as the most brutal, barbaric and diabolical attack.

Vinay, Pawan, Mukesh and Akshay are the four people that are in TIhar Jail, awaiting their fate at the hands of law.  Vinay had taken the final offer of filing a Mercy Petition, which has been rejected by the Delhi government and is waiting approval from the President of India. Tihar Jail administration had given a 7 day period for filing a Mercy Petition, which is now over.

The Apex court has instructed the four convicts to appear before Court on 13 December, when their fate will be sealed.  The Nirbhaya case happened on 16 December 2012 hence it is possible that justice will be delivered on the same date 7 years later.

The convicts will be given an option to file a Curative Petition on 13 December when they appear before court, the hearing and decision on which can be taken on the same day.  If there is no demand from the perpetrators, then the Tihar Jail administration has the right to decide the day when capital punishment will be imparted.

As per the new rules of the Supreme Court of India, once the death warrant is signed, the perpetrators could be allowed up to 15 days to have their last wishes honored. This period will also be decided by the Jail administration.  It is possible that all four may be hanged at the same time, and if this happens, it will be a first for Tihar Jail.

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