Nose ring snatched from an old woman

Nose ring snatched from an old woman

Criminals are over active and on the lookout for easy victims.
Nose ring snatched from an old woman

-The targets are mostly females as they have some or the other jewellery on which is clearly visible.

-No one is safe on the road as well, crime has gone up the graph.

Jewellery snatchers are always on the lookout for easy catch. Every now and then gold jewellery is being snatched from people moving out for their walks. Not just this, but gold chains have been snatched from females riding their two-wheelers and even from pillion riders. Women are a very easy catch for the criminals.

Wearing jewellery for the females is but a common thing and this is what has given more opportunities to the miscreants to move out and attack their victims. Even bag-snatching is a very common happening everywhere.

In a recent incident of jewellery snatching, an old woman was victimised by snatchers. A 90 year old woman was on a walk in the morning hours in Thoor village on Saturday. 2 youths on a bike saw this old woman walking alone. They grabbed the opportunity of robbing her off her gold jewellery. The old woman was wearing a gold nose ring. One of the youths got down from the bike, pulled out the nose ring and sped away on the bike with his accomplice.

Ambamata police was reported about the incident and they are now searching for the criminals. Criminals have no fear of law.  They have become over active in Lake City and jewellery snatching incidents are increasing once again.

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