Obscene Video Case: Special Operations Group team arrests suspended DSP from Udaipur

Obscene Video Case: Special Operations Group team arrests suspended DSP from Udaipur

The suspended DSP Hiralal Saini was arrested from Ananta Resort in Udaipur.

Swimming Pool Video DSP Hiralal Saini Arrested by Special Operations Group Rajasthan Police Chief Minister takes Action

DSP Hiralal Saini is an officer of the Rajasthan Police Services and was suspended after his obscene video with a lady police constable began doing the rounds on Social Media.

Special Operations Group team from Jaipur has arrested suspended Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Hiralal Saini from Ananta Resort in Udaipur. This action was taken after a late evening decision by the state government.

Background of the case

DPS Saini, who is stationed as circle officer in Beawer (Ajmer) was earlier suspended after his video (purportedly uploaded on July 13) in a swimming pool with a lady police constable (shockingly, in the presence of her 6 year old son) had been doing the rounds across Rajasthan and beyond. The husband of the Police Constable had filed a complaint on 2 August at Chitawa police station in Nagaur, but the police team did not file the FIR. As per reports the husband has mentioned that their relatives and other people known to them have seen the clip.  SP Abhijit Singh had instructed the police station where the complaint was filed to record a FIR on 10 August. However, the station officer took no action.

On Wednesday, 7 September, the aforementioned video was broadcast across social media, following which DGP ML Lathar ordered the suspension of the DSP as well as the lady police constable seen in the video. SP Abhijit Singh also ordered an enquiry against Meena, the officer heading Chitawa Police Station at Nagaur. The 6 year old son of the lady police constable was also seen in the obscene video. The police are trying to establish the date and location of the video.

The state government ordered the arrest of DSP Hiralal Saini following which the SOG team from Jaipur effected the arrest from Ananta Resort in Udaipur. The Child Pornography team of SOG took the DSP to Ambamata Police Station, after which they left with the DSP for Jaipur. The arrested DSP has however alleged that the video has been tailored.

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