Online fraud-Man pretends to be from the army

Online fraud-Man pretends to be from the army

A student faced online fraud.

  Online fraud-Man pretends to be from the army

A man posing to be an army man cheated a number of people online. As per reports, he has cheated more than 20 people in the guise of army staff dealing in selling mobile phones online.

Many written complaints have been filed in different police stations of Udaipur city but police has not registered any complaint so far. As per one of the victims from Bohra Ganeshji area, he saw an online sale of mobiles on 25th June. After selecting a mobile, he asked for the price of the instrument. He was quoted 10000 rupees. The person dealing in mobile sale said that he is from the army. During the online conversation, he also said that he was on duty that particular moment of time and that he would courier the mobile after receiving 2000 rupees via Pay TM. The victim who is actually a student paid 2000 rupees through Pay TM. The impostor then called him up after a short while and said that he wanted the entire amount since he had recently bought an I-phone and short of money and would courier the required mobile only after getting the entire amount.

The student (victim) then asked for the mobile before transferring money. The impostor again pretended to be on duty and refused to discuss further. The student then suggested meeting this army man who again refused on some or the other grounds. This student then transferred the entire amount through Pay TM.

After some time, a courier boy called up the student asking for security amount of 3150/- which was again paid by the student. The impostor now used the alibi of transaction failure and asked the student to transfer the amount again. The student then realised that the amount was deducted twice from his account and he understood that he had been duped. He reported the entire incident to police who did not register his complaint.

The student then sought help from Rajasthan police help line. Police called him up and asked him to narrate the whole incident. When the student started telling them about the incident, police reportedly narrated everything to him. They even told him that many students have suffered this kind of online fraud.

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