Pacific Chairman gets life threat

Pacific Chairman gets life threat

Pay 50 lakh rupees or die
Pacific Chairman gets life threat
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-Case has been registered against a former employee.

-The employee also stole the mobile of the chairman from the office.

The Chairman of Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Umarda, received a life threat from one of the former employees. As per the report by the Chairman, he was asked for a huge amount over a phone call failing which he would be killed.

Allegedly one of the former employees, who was kicked out of the institute, is behind this threat. As reported by Chairman Agarwal, his former employee Prem Singh was asked to leave the institute for some reason.

Prem Singh was an old employee of the institute. He visited the institute a few days back and stole the Chairman’s mobile phone from his office. After some time he rang up the Chairman asking for 50 lakh rupees and threatened that if the amount is not given to him, he would kill the Chairman.

Surprisingly the call was made from the same mobile number which was stolen from the office. Police is now investigating the case from every possible angle.

(media reports)

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