Ruchita murder case-DNA report of Divya Kothari

Ruchita murder case-DNA report of Divya Kothari

It was Ruchita's blood on Divya Kothari's clothes.

Ruchita murder case-DNA report of Divya Kothari

It has been almost a year since Advocate Ruchita got murdered by Divya Kothari in her own flat. DNA report of Divya’s clothes has arrived.

The DNA report of Divya Kothari’s clothes reveals that the blood found on his clothes belonged to none other than Ruchita. As per police reports, Divya Kothari had thrown the clothes in a nallah which were later recovered by police and sent for DNA test.

Ruchita lived in flat no. 702 in apartment The Orbit First in New Bhupalpura. She was murderd in her flat by Divya Kothari who lived in flat no. 802 which was right above Ruchita’s flat. Police had suspected her husband KV Gupta as the murderer based on accusations by Ruchita’s father. KV Gupta was in jail at the time of Ruchita’s funeral. Further investigations looped Divya Kothari in this case.

On 2nd December a day after the murder, Divya contacted police early morning claiming he considered Ruchita as his mother. As per Ruchita’s father, husband KV Gupta was the culprit since the couple used to argue a lot. But the case took a shocking turn when Divya Kothari confessed murdering Ruchita. Divya presented himself as a psycho but deep investigations revealed that he is not a psycho but a normal person.

Udaipur lawyers  refused to take up Divya Kothari’s case, so it was shifted to Chittor. 15 hearings have already taken place till now. Another hearing is scheduled for 24th November. KV Gupta’s lawyer and police are considering the DNA report as authentic but Divya Kothari’s lawyer has stated that police could have smeared Ruchita’s blood on Divya’s clothes to give a different turn to the murder case.

Everyone is now looking forward to the hearing that will take place on 24th November.

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