Russian thugs rob jewellery worth 2 lakhs

Russian thugs rob jewellery worth 2 lakhs

Russian thugs rob jewellery showroom in Moti Chohatta.

Russian thugs rob jewellery worth 2 lakhs

In one of the most shocking incidents, a jewellery shop in Moti Chohatta was robbed by thugs of Russian origin on Wednesday. This jewellery showroom was actually having its inaugural ceremony when thugs in the garb of customers entered the showroom and robbed off jewellery worth 2 lakh rupees.

Members of the jewellers association did a show down in front of police station to express their agitation against regular incidents of crime in this area. They even said that if the criminals are not arrested and jewellery is not recovered, then the entire jewellery market will be closed on Friday. As per police, three out of four culprits were arrested late Thursday night.

Mangalmay Jewellers showroom was having its inauguration ceremony on Wednesday afternoon. 4 Russians, residents of Georgia, reached the showroom in a car. As per reports, the person driving the car was also a Russian. All the 4 Russians entered the showroom while the ‘driver’ stayed in the car. These people had good knowledge of both Hindi and English languages. They demanded to see gold bangles as per which they were attended to. One of these ‘thugs’ carried a bangle weighing 56 gms 240 mg outside the showroom pretending to check them while his accomplices tried to divert the attention of salesman by demanding more designs.

Showroom owner Lalit Sharma noticed this Russian moving out of the shop with bangles. He called out to him but the thug was fast enough to get into the car and sped away. In no time the car disappeared from sight towards Hathipole. The other 3 thugs in the showroom tried to escape but were caught by the people present in the inauguration ceremony. The 3 Russian thugs were handed over to the police.

One of these thugs requested police to let him go so that he can return with the bangles. The police officer allowed him to move out without keeping an eye on him. This gave the thug a chance to escape. One of the 2 thugs in police custody was not even carrying his passport. After the agitation of other business men in the area, police managed to arrest this third thug late night on Thursday. The 4th one and the driver are still being searched for.

The Russian thugs arrested are Giyorgi, Greesha and Beka. Their accomplice Ivan is being searched by police.

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