Saddam murder case-Murder weapon purchased from Gangrar

Murder weapon in Saddam murder case was bought from Gangrar.

Saddam murder case-Murder weapon purchased from Gangrar

History sheeter Saddam was murdered on 16th March at Patel Circle. The murder weapon was purchased from Gangrar in Chittorgarh. Police teams have left for Chittorgarh for further investigations.

As per reports, the pistol used in the murder of Saddam was purchased by Sameer in 35000 rupees from Gangrar in Chittorgarh district. Sameer sold this pistol to Nasir who used it to kill Saddam. Sameer told police that he sold the pistol to Nasir in 40000 rupees. He did not reveal the identity of the person from whom the pistol was bought. Nasir and Aftab were arrested in this daylight murder case. Now a team of police personnel from Surajpole police station has left for Gangrar to investigate the matter along with Gangrar police.

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