Shocking details of Radhika Child Care

Shocking details of Radhika Child Care

Illegal activities are happening under the banner of child care.

Shocking details of Radhika Child Care

Radhika Child Care Hiranmagri Sector 3

Recently a Mumbai couple was arrested for trying to sell a 4 month old child. Investigations revealed that Radhika Child Care in Hiranmagri Sector 3 is involved in this crime.

Radhika Child Care is reportedly involved in child trafficking. Late Tuesday night, investigating team reached Radhika Child Care and found 2 innocent kids wailing. When the team went inside the building, they found that liquor bottles were lying in the kitchen and a lot of inappropriate stuff was found in a room. The investigating team did not get any satisfactory response from the people inside the building. A 12 year old girl has also been found who doesn’t know much about herself.

There was a woman and 2 other people in the building. The woman introduced herself as the daughter of manager (lady) of the orphanage and said that the other man in the building was her father. The father and daughter duo gave contradictory information about another person present in the building.

The female manager’s husband and daughter said that Radhika Child Care was operating since 5 years. As per the information given by them, it was also an old-age home. Investigating team did not find any aged person living in that building. The office had receipt books wherein receipts of 1000 rupees each were found. But these receipts were merely for namesake.

It is suspected that inappropriate activities are going on in Radhika Child Care as the team sensed someone escaping from the door on rooftop. Radhika Sahu, the manager, has reportedly assisted the couple from Mumbai who were trying to sell their kid which seems to be an alibi.

Since liquor and other indecent and inappropriate stuff has been found in the child care home, it is hinting towards illegal activities happening in the building under the banner of child care. The investigating team was also in for a shock when no one in the premises provided relevant information. More details are still being hunted for regarding Radhika Child Care.

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