SHOCKING-2 females harassed by youths at 2 different spots of the city

SHOCKING-2 females harassed by youths at 2 different spots of the city

The notorious elements have no fear of law.
SHOCKING-2 females harassed by youths at 2 different spots of the city
Females were harassed at Chetak Circle and Savina area. The policeman trying to nab one of the culprits got severely injured.

This is really shocking. The eve-teasers, the notorious elements, the chain snatchers have actually no fear of law. They are merely interested in satisfying their psycho minds. Such criminals need to be punished severely and a lesson needs to be furnished for all such people. 

On Wednesday, 2 such incidents occurred at Chetak Circle-one of the most prime location of Udaipur city; and at Savina area. At Chetak Circle, the miscreant pulled a female's dupatta and at Savina another miscreant grabbed a female's hand and tried to pull her closer.

A policeman got injured in the incident at Chetak Circle when he tried to nab the culprit. As per a report filed by a lady from Mullatalai, she was on the way from home on her scooty when this culprit follwed her in car till Chetak Circle. He threw a letter kind of paper at her and also pulled her dupatta, misbehaved and sped away from the place. The lady reported the incident to police. When police followed this culprit, he sped away after hitting constable Sohan Singh with his car. This culprit has been identified as Raju who has several cases against him in different police stations. 

The second incident occurred at Savina. It was around 7 p.m. when this young girl was returning from her coaching class. A drunken youth grabbed her hand and tried to pull her closer. The young girl realising that he was drunk, kicked him and ran away from the place.

Such incidents are on the rise in the city. Every other day, females are being harassed, the old and the aged are being robbed, chains and mobiles and hand bags are being snatched. Now it really seems that everyone must carry some kind of a defensive article with them and immediately attack such criminal minds. 

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