Showroom robbed and ransacked in Ashok Nagar

Showroom robbed and ransacked in Ashok Nagar

Nike showroom ransacked by goons.

Showroom robbed and ransacked in Ashok Nagar

A showroom was robbed and ransacked in Ashok Nagar on Monday evening. Nike showroom in Ashok Nagar was in for a shock when 10 to 12 goons entered the showroom and took away articles worth 15 thousand rupees.

 As reported by manager of the showroom, some 10-12 young men entered the showroom and created a lot of commotion. They then demanded to see some shoes after which the manager displayed a pair of shoes worth 9 thousand rupees. Meanwhile, one of the goons took off his shoes and sat on the shop’s counter. When the manager tried to make a call to the showroom’s owner, the goons threatened him and stopped him from making call. After this, they paid 4500 rupees for the pair of shoes that the manager had displayed. At this point of time all the goons even started scattering stuff inside the showroom. They ransacked the whole shop and uplifted stuff worth 15 thousand rupees which includes shoes and jackets and ran out of the showroom.

As per sources, these goons ran towards Shastri Circle. The manager then got a chance to call up the owner of the showroom. Bhupalpura police were also informed. As related by the manager, the goons paid 4500 rupees and for the balance amount they tried to make payment through ATM card. Probably the ATM card was also a stolen one as the password was found incorrect. They even called up someone for the password. Since the password did not match, they went to the extent of ransacking the shop and ran away with the stuff.

As reported by the owner of the showroom, the goons did not have any vehicle. They ran out towards Shastri Circle. To add to the trouble, the showroom did not have a CCTV camera as repair and maintenance work was going on for which purpose the cameras were removed.

This incident adds to the robberies happening in town. The youths may be a part of the same gang who has been spilling oil on vehicles and fooling and robbing people.

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