Drug peddlers nabbed by Bengaluru police using fake currency

Drug peddlers nabbed by Bengaluru police using fake currency

Police used fake currency notes used in film shoots and bought 500 kg of drugs.
Drug peddlers nabbed by Bengaluru police using fake currency
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3 peddlers hailing from Rajasthan have been nabbed. Police is on the lookout for the rest of the members of this drug racket.

Filmy police works in style and nabs the criminals at the end of the movie. But when real police uses filmy style and still nabs criminals, what would you call that?

It happened in Bengaluru. In order to nab drug peddlers and also seize as much drug as possible, Bengaluru police used fake currency to buy drugs and 3 peddlers hailing from Rajasthan have been arrested while the police teams are now trying to find the locations of their associates.

Police disguised as “potential big customers” and approached these drug peddlers. Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said that some of the officers from the Whitefield division had identified some of the peddlers but they needed to get to the source. They convinced some peddlers to introduce some undercover cops to the suppliers.

In the 1st meeting, the suppliers asked about the quantity of marijuana the “potential customers” wanted to buy. Since the police officers wanted to seize as much as possible, they said that they could buy even one tonne of drugs and money was not a problem at all. But the suppliers wanted to see the money first. Now here, the cops said that they would return the next day with money.

The undercover cops needed one crore of rupees to finalise the deal and they did not have this huge amount of money and there were security concerns involved. They then approached a film studio in Bengaluru and asked them to provide fake currency worth 1 crore rupees. The only issue was that though the currency looked real, the serial number on the notes was the same. The officers were worried but they took the money to the peddlers and luckily the meeting went on quite smoothly.

The peddlers agreed to give 500 kg of marijuana to the undercover cops. On Thursday, the consignment arrived in a truck and a meeting was arranged for Friday. The police says that the transportation of drugs was quite a revelation for police. A secret compartment was made behind the driver’s seat in the truck that also carried other goods. The police officers convinced the suppliers to ensure that the entire transaction took place in a closed environment and the suppliers were asked to reach KR Puram with the supplies. Once the hidden stash was revealed, the police took the peddlers and the drugs into custody.

The 3 peddlers are from Rajasthan and police is on the lookout for the associated of these peddlers. This is how real police used fake currency to nab drug peddlers in a filmy style.

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