Cyber Fraud Part 22 - Social Welfare Scheme Fraud

Cyber Fraud Part 22 - Social Welfare Scheme Fraud

Beware of fake government scheme calls

Cyber crime social welfare frauds

In the modern, technologically advanced world, cyber fraud is a persistent concern. Fraudsters are everywhere, and they are skilled at taking advantage of your money. You must be aware of online risks and educated on the numerous forms of online fraud. The subject of this article is "Social Welfare Scheme Fraud."

What is Social Welfare Scheme Fraud?

cyber fraud social welfare scheme

First and foremost, as implied by the name, this form of fraud can be carried out under the guise of various government or non-profit initiatives. The government has introduced several programmes that help individuals, but scammers also take advantage of these programmes and cheat people under their name. Other strategies include collecting money on the pretence of receiving donations. In this case, scammers attempt to win your trust and request donations for various causes. 

cyber fraud


  • Never share your bank credentials details with strangers.
  • Your OTP is your money, be careful while sharing it with anyone.
  • If any call comes to you claiming that they are speaking from XYZ government scheme then cross-check the organization before doing anything.
  • Verify the details of any government scheme from your Gram Panchayat or Tehsildar office before making any payment for getting the subsidy. 
  • The eligible beneficiary data is already available with the State Government. Do not share your personal details.
  • Report the incident to the nearest Cyber Crime Police Station and National Cyber Crime Reporting portal at

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