Son and nephew turn out to be thieves

Son and nephew turn out to be thieves

Son and nephew turn out to be thieves.

Son and nephew turn out to be thieves

In an incident of theft in Ganpati Vihar at Bohra Ganeshji road, a most shocking point came to light. The theft was committed by none other than the son and the nephew of the owner of the house.

A man had reported theft in his house on Bohra Ganeshji road. Phool Shankar, the owner, had gone out with his family during afternoon and when he returned home the same evening, he found that his house had been robbed off.

During investigations, police suspected foul play as Phool Shankar’s son and nephew were found indulging in luxurious life style. When police strictly interrogated these people, they confessed having committed the crime. Mahesh, son of Phool Shankar, Lokesh Mali son of Phool Shankar’s brother-in-law and Giriraj Acharya have been arrested in this matter.

Mahesh told police that he informed Lokesh and Giriraj that there would be no one at home during daytime. Both Lokesh and Giriraj are drug addicts. They committed theft at Mahesh’s house and stole all the cash and a lot of other things. They spent a lot of money in buying smack. There are a number of cases already going on against these two youths in police stations.

60 thousand rupees have been recovered from Giriraj and Lokesh. Both of them were arrested from Pratapnagar.

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