Terror created by sandalwood thieves in Keshav Nagar

Terror created by sandalwood thieves in Keshav Nagar

Chandan-chors injured an advocate who tried to stop them. 
Terror created by sandalwood thieves in Keshav Nagar
The thieves were annoyed that their accomplice was thrashed and they pelted stones at the houses in the area. 

Sandalwood thieves are over active and this time they even hit the people and pelted stones. It was Sunday night when these chandan chors created a terror in Keshav Nagar area at 1:30 a.m.

There were 8 to 10 thieves who entered the residential premise of a lawyer and latched his door from outside. As informed by the lawyer's wife, they heard the sound of trees falling on the ground and immediately got up. They saw some youths outside their house who were in the process of cutting the trees. Since the door was latched by the thieves, they came out from the back door. The thieves then started to run away but one was caught and thrashed by the lawyer.

Until this time, the neighbours had also gathered. Another thief then pounced upon the lawyer to release his friend and hit the lawyer with a stone. The lawyer had barely entered his house after getting injured when the thieves returned and started pelting stones at the houses around as they were annoyed that their friend was hit by the people.

The residents then took shelter inside the houses and called police.The thieves had taken away the sandalwood trees by then. 

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