Theft in Goverdhan Vilas-Jewellery and TV stolen

Theft in Goverdhan Vilas-Jewellery and TV stolen

A police employee's house got burgled. 
Theft in Goverdhan Vilas-Jewellery and TV stolen

-Criminals know no fear. Theft and robbery incidents are on the rise.

-Somebody must be there to attend to the house. Lone houses get robbed easliy.

Are you in the habit of leaving your house locked for long? Do you think your house is not being observed by the criminal minds? You think that your neighbour is an employee of the police department; hence your house is safe?

Well, under any of the above circumstances your house is not far from the sight of thieves. People get robbed even when they are fast asleep at home. A police employee’s house got robbed in Goverdhan Vilas. And to the surprise of all, the house belongs to employees of police department where both the father and son are police inspector and constable respectively.

3 days back, the father, Prithvi Singh who is an inspector, left for his native village along with family. The constable son was at home in Goverdhan Vilas. He left for duty and was shocked upon his return to find the house burgled.

The thieves took away the LCD TV, jewellery and other expensive stuff from the house. The entire house was ransacked. The jewellery stolen is estimated around 1.5 tolas. The department was informed and a case of burglary has been registered against the unknown.

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