Theft-Lone house targetted by thieves

Theft-Lone house targetted by thieves

75,000 in cash and silver jewellery stolen
Theft-Lone house targetted by thieves

-It is advised that people do not leave their houses unguarded.

-With almost everyone staying indoors because of corona, burglars get a good opportunity to rob houses with no one around.

A lone house was targetted by thieves in University area some time back. The case was registered in Bhupalpura police station this Monday as the entire family was away to Jaipur. After numerous incidents of snatchings of various kinds, targetting lone houses, too, has become quite easy for the criminals. Just because people stay indoors most of the time due to covid, thieves are able to give shape to their crimes and lone houses prove to be a good opportunity.

A lone house in University area was targetted by thieves. The residents were away to Jaipur and their house in Hirabaag area was robbed by thieves. As informed by Om Prakash Jain, he was away to Jaipur with his family to perform rituals after a mishap in the family. The neighbour called him up the next day informing him about the theft.

The neighbour also informed police. Om Prakash also returned to Udaipur after getting this information. The lock of the main gate was broken and the entire house was ransacked by the thieves.

The thieves took away 75,000 rupees in cash, silver coins weighing 250 grams and other jewellery. The case has been registered by Bhupalpura police. It is quite imperative that people do not leave their houses unguarded. The thieves are getting a good opportunity since most of the people stay indoors due to covid and this makes it quite simple for them to carry out their crime without fear. 

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