Theft racket unveiled|Mother-son duo arrested

Theft racket unveiled|Mother-son duo arrested

Theft racket unveiled with mother as gang leader.

Theft racket unveiled|Mother-son duo arrested

Hiranmagri police unveiled a theft racket and arrested a mother-son duo and 2 others. What is shocking is that the mother is the gang leader and lived lavishly with the theft collection. The gang revealed that they committed thefts in around 25 houses in a period of 1 year and their collection was worth more than 50 lakh rupees.

The racket stole jewellery and cash and police has recovered some of the wealth from them. The theft racket comprises of Krishna-the mother as gang leader, her son Neeraj, Shankar Lal and Bhupesh Meena.

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Modus operandi of the racket:

Krishna used to take meetings in crematorium and then the 3 members used to leave to achieve their target. Neeraj met Shankar and Bhupesh while he was in jail and the 2 then joined the gang. Neeraj revealed that after a few thefts he eloped with his girlfriend and married her. Then he went to Goa and stayed in a resort for 15 days. Later he moved towards Mumbai and bought good clothes. From Mumbai he headed to Chandigarh and also visited Vaishno Devi Temple. When police asked him about the expenditure on this entire trip, they were shocked to hear that he took 5 lakh rupees with him and spent almost 30,000 rupees per day. When he went short of money, he asked his mother to send him more money. Then he also bought jewellery and a car. Police is now searching for one of his accomplices and also his wife.

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