Thief targets wedding venues-Succeeds in escaping with jewellery

Thief targets wedding venues-Succeeds in escaping with jewellery 

The negligence of one family resulted in another family's loss.

Thief targets wedding venues-Succeeds in escaping with jewellery

Had the 1st targetted family informed police, the thief could have been caught.

The thief took away jewellery worth 1 lakh rupees from one of the venues.

When it comes to weddings, the thought of security of expensive belongings becomes a person’s first priority. But what happens is that security gets unnoticeably compromised when it comes to auspicious timings or muhurats. One such incident resulted in a big loss for one of the families busy in wedding function.

Negligence of one family resulted in the thief escaping with expensive jewellery. A thief entered one of the wedding venues at Bekni puliya but was caught by the people who suspected danger due to his activity around. The family members caught him red-handed while he was trying to escape with a bag containing jewellery. BUT the thought of missing the muhurat made them release him. This way the thief escaped from this venue though empty handed.

The same thief targetted another venue 300 metres away from this one and managed to escape with a bag full of jewellery worth 1 lakh rupees. When the family discovered that the jewellery was missing, they informed police. After checking the photographs, it was revealed that the same thief who was released by the 1st family had entered the 2nd wedding venue. The negligence of the people at the 1st wedding venue became the 2nd party’s loss.

It is of utmost priority that police be informed of such happenings at the very instant and not let go because of the muhurats. Had the family not thought of the muhurat, or had someone been alert enough to call police, the thief would have been behind bars. Police is now searching for the thief based on the photographs taken in the venues.

One must understand that alertness is more important. It happens during every festive season that thieves or the theft rackets become active as they have easy catches in the wedding venues. It is but obvious that family members are extremely busy during these occasions but just a little alertness can help a lot. After all it is their hard earned money.

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