Udaipur and Crime - When it comes to theft or loot, a Burglar Alarm is a safer bet than CCTV Cameras

Udaipur and Crime - When it comes to theft or loot, a Burglar Alarm is a safer bet than CCTV Cameras

Buglar Alarms are Crime Deterrents – Police get CCTV captured data, but does it help prevent crime?

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The importance of CCTV Cameras is not undermined. An ideal surveillance solution needs CCTV Cameras. Burglar Alarm is an essential complement when it comes to home, shop or godown security

Over the last two years into the pandemic and of course more, we have been witness to loot and theft in homes and shops across town. Thieves come up with novel ways to enter the premises they target and most are insider jobs.

Now, with CCTV cameras coming up in most places, the burglars, who are smarter now, are in the knowhow on how to access the recording units or block the view of the camera. Even if the recordings are captured, most of the time the goons have a face mask and it gets difficult to identify and launch a hunt.

With the police having their list of history sheeters and small time crooks, the smarter cops look for traces of identification and narrow down on the culprits. However, this does not happen in most cases. There is a lot of dependency of police on CCTV cameras. The first question police ask is if there is a CCTV footage. If absent, then the case at times goes into the black box.

A theft in a photography shop and liquor vendors unit at Udaipur cost the owners nearly Rs 10 lakh in stolen items and cash. The Thieves came in through the ceiling and left from the ceiling. They did not seem to care about the CCTV Cameras.

However, the one aspect of security that needs to be noted for acceptance is that of Burglar Alarms. Preventing a crime is by far a better option than recording a crime and looking at law to catch the culprits for you.

The usage of Burglar Alarms goes a long way in ensuring that not only is crime prevented, but also deters the thieves from accessing that area for fear of a similar kind of security.

How does a Burglar Alarm prevent Crime?

A Burglar Alarm is a concoction of control panels with zones, door and window sensors and PIR sensors that detect unwanted movement or physical force and generate an alarm.

Door sensors can detect unwanted or unexpected opening of doors, window panes, shutters, etc. Similarly sensors on the window can detect a force on the glass, window frame, metal grills, etc. and sound off an alarm. PIR sensors detect movement within the captured zone of the sensor, which varies with quality… anything between 0-15 feet is usually captured. If the movement is unwanted or unexpected the alarm goes out.

The loud alarm from a sounder deters the thief from going any further. While the CCTV camera captures and incident, the Burglar Alarm prevents the incident. A combo of CCTV and Alarm is just ideal for shops, godowns and homes, but a buglar alarm is a mandatory need.

The various sensors in the security system will detect any unauthorised entry into the house or shop or godown and immediately alert the owners as well as the central monitoring station which will in turn alert the police.

Some home burglar security systems also allow you to remotely lock the entry points such as doors and windows.

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