Udaipur Gangrape Case: Suspects identified as per CCTV footage

Udaipur Gangrape Case: Suspects identified as per CCTV footage

Issues raised  - Women Safety in Udaipur - Drunkards rule the roads of Udaipur in the dark hours
Udaipur Gangrape Case: Suspects identified as per CCTV footage

Goverdhan Vilas police had identified a few suspects based on the CCTV footage at the hotel from which the couple were kidnapped.  The suspects have been rounded up and are being questioned.  The suspects belong to Ambamata and nearby areas.

What is alarming is that the couple were kidnapped at gun point just outside their hotel, which is located in a densely populated area.  The couple were driven around Udaipur and no oone stopped or checked the vehicle.  There are 10 police vehicles (one for each police station) and 8 Hawks (Night Patrol) that ply across the city.  However, none of the vehicles picked up the suspect vehicle.

Concerns on safety

  • a few days back, drunk miscreants murdered a person outside his home at Rampura chauraha and dumped his body near Kodiyat
  • the gangrape also occurred during the late evening hours and the suspect vehicle was plying the roads unchecked
  • there are 10 police vehicles manning the roads at night
  • there are 8 Hawk vehicles manning the roads at night
  • are women safe in Udaipur
  • are tourists safe in Udaipur

As per information given by the police subsequent to their interrogation of the victims, the victim girl and boy were picked up from outside Kathiyawadi Restaurant near Goverdhan Vilas Transport Nagar.  They were then driven to Pratapnagar Balicha Bypass and were frisked for money and jewelry.  The boy was asked to call their company owner (the couple worked for an event management company in Agra and were in Udaipur for a project) for ransom.  All this time, the couple were with the kidnappers and were driven around Kaladvas, Haldighat, Sukher and Debari.  Once they reached Debari Railway Station, they all disembarked and molested the girl.

The kidnappers left the couple with the car at Thokar Chauraha.  The couple then drove all the way to their room and informed their boss.  Police was informed and and FIR was filed in the evening, i.e. 24 hours after the incident took place.  Why was there a delay in filing the FIR?  Why did the boy take the girl to a restaurant when she was not well? Why did he not inform the other members of his crew? Why did the company owner not call the police immediately on being informed.

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