Police apprehend the accused in the murder of a woman at Udaipur: Case solved in a record two days

Police apprehend the accused in the murder of a woman at Udaipur: Case solved in a record two days

It was a blind murder, and the sleuths of Udaipur Police used CCTV Camera footage to nab the accused in a record two days.

Ambamata Accused Arrested by Udaipur Police

A daily labourer named Amraram alias Kishen was rounded up by the Police as prime suspect in the murder of a 50 year old woman at Ambamata on 8 November. The body of Kali Bai was found in a half naked state in the bushes in a forest area behind Penticostal Church situated near the Mastan Baba Dargah at Ambamata in Udaipur.

As per the police, the accused has been identified as Amararam alias Kishen age, 28, son of Tikaram Gameti. Kishen is a daily wage labourer.

During police interrogation, the accused confessed that there was a relationship between him and Kali Bai. He was not staying with his wife for quite some time and Kali Bai was separated from her husband and was living with her son and brother near Mulla Talai.

The accused came in contact with the deceased about two years ago while working as a labourer, after which they developed a relationship. The accused also gave a part of his earnings from time to time to Kali Bai in order to support her and her family. The two were not in contact for some time, because neither had a mobile phone.

The Day of the Murder

Both the deceased and the accused did not have mobile phones, hence there was no contact between them. In one of his work assignments, the accused sighter Kali Bai near her residence and when she was later going to graze her goats in the jungle, Amraram followed her deep into the bushes. After reaching a deserted place, the accused confronted Kali Bai and asked her to marry him. When she refused, the accused attempted to rape her. The rape attempt failed, following which, he hit her in anger with an axe that he was carrying. The attack killed Kali Bai. The accused was a daily labourer and used to look for work near different intersections in Udaipur, viz. Rampura, Mulla Talai, Hathipol, Saifan, etc, working as daily wage labor in the mornings and taking shelter on footpaths or make shift shelters at night.

The Incident
On 8 November, the dead body of Kali Bai was found in a suspicious condition in a semi-nude state in the forest behind the Philadelphia Church near Mastan Baba Dargah. The woman's son found her body and informed the police.

The police had kept the body of the deceased in the mortuary for post-mortem and registered a case of murder and started investigation of the incident.Police searched 120 CCTV cameras installed in the area and after tireless efforts and hard work, the police found the alleged murderer within two days. During the time the Police was investigating the matter, people from the deceased woman's society, workers of various organizations and political party leaders gathered outside the Udaipur Collectorate and demanded a quick arrest of the accused.  They also sent a memorandum to the administrative officials demanding the arrest of the accused. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had also made a note of this incident in his address on 9 November at Udaipur.

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