Udaipur Bar Association acts on the rising menace of Drug Mafia among School Children in Udaipur

Udaipur Bar Association acts on the rising menace of Drug Mafia among School Children in Udaipur

While a sensational revelation has been made in a letter issued by the Udaipur Bar Association, a matter of serious concern has also come to light.

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The  Udaipur Bar Association has taken a noteworthy step to assist parents and children who are affected by the rising menace of drug abuse in Udaipur. This action was taken by members of the  Udaipur Bar Association, after a team of lawyer members of the association were apprised on a case of kidnapping registered at the Goverdhan Vilas Police Station.

A group of lawyers, while addressing a complaint registered at the Goverdhan Vilas Police Station happened to stumble upon an ongoing case related to kidnapping at the same polcie station. On enquiring with the victim, it turned out that the  victim, who happened to be an ex-Army man, had lodged a complaint of kidnapping at the Goverdhan Vilas Police station. The Police registerd the FIR of the victim and investigations had begun, as per the CI of the  Police Station, Ajay SIngh Rao.

The youth of Udaipur have been suffering from drug addiction for a long time and the police of the district is also continuously working to identify the people who are involved in the increasing use and sale of deadly drugs like MDMA among the youth and to bring them to book. It has now come to light that this drug called MDMA has reached school students.

Drug Abuse and related kidnapping

The complaint on 6 September was made by an ex Army personnel, mentioned that his 14 year old son, a student of a famous private school in Udaipur had been kidnapped by members of the Drug cartel in Udaipur and that his son is missing for the last 10 days. The victim mentioned that drug mafia is intimidating students of a well known private school in the city and is trapping children aged between 12-17 yeras.

The victim also asked for help from the group of lawyers who were present there. The victim mentioned that members of the drug mafia in the city lure school children after befriending them and then introducing them to drgus like MDMA, MDA, Charas, Ganja, Liquor, etc and make them addicted to these drugs. Once addicted, the children are blackmailed and then used for explicit videos. These children are then blackmailed into stealing cash and jewelry from their homes and other places. Children go through immense mental trauma due to these incidents as they are unable to share the problem with family and friends. Ultimately they resort to either running away from their homes or committing suicide.

Enter the Udaipur Bar Association

Rakesh Mogra, President of the Udaipur Bar Association informed Udaipur Times that taking cognisance of the severity of the matter the association took the onus for handling these cases on themselves, on a pro bono basis. They decided to issue a public notice apprising public of this case and further mentioning that the members of the association will be always available to serve the members of the public who are affected by such incidents and take steps to bring such incidents to the notice of the Police and eventually the legal fraternity.

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Mogra also mentions in the letter that the lawyer community has formed a special committe to address such matters and members of the fraternity will stand by such affected persons right from lodging the case in court till the final decision by the honorable court.

Through this public notice on the  Association's letter head, the Udaipur Bar Assocaition has appealed to parents to take note of the behaviour of their wards (children) at home or in school. If the child appears to be unusually silent or disturbed, or apprises the parents of any such incident or situation, then the parents should not ignore such a situation and immediately bring the matter to the notice of the police. The notice also mentions that if desired/needed, the identity of the complainant shall also be kept secret.

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