Update – Driver kills lady of the house

Update – Driver kills lady of the house

An update on the case of driver killing a lady.

Update – Driver kills lady of the house

On Friday night, a former driver killed the lady of the house Tina Rajawat. The update in this case comes with shocking revelations, though we do not endorse any of these facts.

As reported, Tina had filed complaints against her former driver Naeem Khan in Sukher, Ambamata and Hathipole police stations. It is said that police did not take any strict action against Naeem and he finally succeeded in killing her.

The stabbing was done with such a force on Friday night that the knife pierced straight through her heart. Reports say that Tina (Pratima) lived with her mother and son in Kumkum Apartment after separation from husband Dalpat Singh Rathore who lives in Sirohi. Tina’s son reported to the police immediately after the incident took place. Police have arrested Naeem.

Tina was followed by Naeem while she was on her way back home in her car with driver and her son. Naeem threatened her to withdraw the case else he would kill her. When Tina refused to do so, Naeem stabbed her twice ruthlessly which made her fall on the ground. The apartment’s guard tried to stop Naeem but he pushed away beating the guard and ran away from the spot.

Tina was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead. When Naeem was interrogated, he gave shocking statements to the police. He said he and Tina had become friendly and he had proposed to her. Tina agreed to marry him but later refused and fired him from driver’s job. Naeem said that Tina had complained against him in several police stations and that is why he killed her.

Tina got married in the year 2000 and separated from her husband in 2005. She was living with her mother and her son in a rented accommodation in Kumkum apartment. Her brother lives in Mumbai who was informed about the incident. Final rites were carried out after the brother’s arrival. Tina’s in-laws were also informed about the incident.

As per Tina’s son, Raunak Jain (present driver) had left the job due to some personal reasons after which Naeem was hired. Due to Naeem’s arrogant attitude, he was fired and Raunak was reappointed as driver. Since then, Naeem was agitated and he used to constantly harass Tina. As per police reports, Naeem and Tina had a heated argument around 4 months back and they were both arrested by police for breach of peace.

Another shocking point is that there is a murmur going on that Naeem and Tina used to extract money from someone though this may not be authentic information since police is yet to throw light on this.


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