Water Park Incident : Dispute over Entry Charges turns violent at Chittorgarh

Water Park Incident : Dispute over Entry Charges turns violent at Chittorgarh 

Youths vandalised the compound of water park using a bulldozer 

water park

Cross cases registered from both the sides 

Udaipir,07.06.24 - A group of more than 100 people vandalized a portion of a water park at Chittorgarh district on Thursday, over a dispute related to the entry charges.

Later a video of the incident also went viral on the social media in which the people can be rushing around and a Bulldozer taking rounds and vandalizing the property .

Deputy Ravindra Pratap Singh said that the accused wanted a free entry into the water park saying that they were locals. When the management of the facility refused, a scuffle broke out and the accused called their associates at the spot. 

Those reached at the water park took a bulldozer with them and vandalized a portion of the water park including gate, swimming pool and the boundary wall, Ravindra Pratap Singh added.

It created panic among as many as 500 visitors and around 4-5 people also got injured during the incident.

A team of Gangrar police station reached on the spot after getting the information of the incident and initiated an investigation, complaints were given from both the sides blaming each other.

Deputy Sp Ravindra Singh said " It was around 1 pm when the police got the information of the incident, during the initial information it is found that the matter ignited when few locals reached at the water park and denied to pay the entry charges saying that they were locals. They called others to the place, more than 100 people from the nearby villages came to the place and vandalised it. They had a fight with the staff of the water park, 4-5 people got injured and were rushed to the hospital. Cross cases has been registered and the investigation is underway, we have got few names but further action will be taken as the investigation will get over. We are also trying to identify those who brought the bulldozer at the water park".

Sanjay Vaishnav a resident of Sadas village in his report stated that it was when he along with the Ex- Pradhan of the village Devi Lal Jaat were going to Bhilwara when they saw that the staff members of the King's Water Park of Chittorgarh were man handling few children, they were assaulting them. Seeing that they immediately reached there, when they entered inside the park they found that the staff members of the park were allegedly assaulting few other locals.

On the other hand Dilip Gujar  one of the gaurds of the water park said that the scene turned ugly when he was standing and checking the entry tickets of the visitors, suddenly the Ex- Pradhan Devi Lal Jaat came their few other and tried to went inside the water park without showing the entry tickets, when he asked him about the tickets he denied to get tickets by saying that he will not give any entry ticket. He soon called other people from the nearby villages who came there with a bulldozer and vandalised the place.

However the Ex- Pradhan of Gangrar Panchayat denied all allegations and said that he is being framed by the management of the water park, he went there to stop the staff members of water from assaulting the children but instead they had a scuffle with him too.

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