Woman chokes husband to death

Woman chokes husband to death

Woman chokes husband to death.

Woman chokes husband to death

A woman choked her husband to death in RIICO area. As reported, she was tired of the daily bash up and abuses by her husband.

The woman Chunni who choked her husband Dharma to death tried to mislead the police by giving false statements for some time. She said that her husband who worked in a brick kiln committed suicide. Police suspected foul play when the crime scene revealed contrary situations. She had actually strangled her husband and hung up his body to make it look like suicide.

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The crime scene showed signs of the body being dragged. There were blood stains on the floor which proved that the victim tried to save himself and in the process his heels got hurt and bled. There were finger marks on the throat which indicated that the throat was pressed with force. When pressurised by police, the lady gave in and revealed that she had murdered her husband.

As reported by the woman, she was hit by the man daily and he even doubted her character. He was a drunkard and doubted her since this was her second marriage. On the night of the incident, the man fought with her and threw eatables out of the house. He even used a stick to hit her. The woman finally got over agitated and pressed the man’s throat with such pressure that he couldn’t free himself and died.

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