IIM Udaipur concludes Global Virtual Event “D’Future” on Digitizing the Future as part of its 10th Anniversary

IIM Udaipur concludes Global Virtual Event “D’Future” on Digitizing the Future as part of its 10th Anniversary

Celebrates 10 Years with #ItStartsAtU and #10YearsUnstoppable, keeping in mind its innovative approach, achievements and a global vision for the next decade.

IIM Udaipur 10 years of establishment janat shah dFuture Dr Sunil Gupta harvard

Over 1000 business leaders, brand managers, digital heads, along with faculty, researchers and students participated.

The Indian Institute of Management Udaipur concluded its international webinar event titled D’Future on Digitizing the Future and marked the decade anniversary of the B-School. The virtual event was held on December 2nd – 3rd 2021, marking the institute’s pioneering efforts in digital technologies and frameworks. Renowned global authors and eminent professors attended the event.

“The D’Future event is indeed a very important occasion for us as it also embodies the decade anniversary of IIM Udaipur, having been founded in 2011. It’s a great feeling when a second-generation IIM like us completes a decade. As an institute, we were among the foremost to recognize the growing importance of digital technologies and how they are shaping businesses and economies.” - Prof Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur 10 years of establishment janat shah

“Today’s online event, D’Future, is another step in our effort to stimulate thought leadership in how the future is being digitalized and the lessons and opportunities for businesses. The event could not have been organized at a more opportune moment in time and I hope it will trigger some thought-provoking discussions on the forever-disrupting digital business world.”, he added.

IIM Udaipur received an overwhelming response to its just-concluded global webinar event titled D’Future on Digitizing the Future to mark its 10th Anniversary

Prof Shah went on to thank everyone from the distinguished Board of Governors to Faculty, staff, alumni, students, service providers and everyone who played a part in the making of IIM Udaipur and helping it reach its distinguished position today.

The institute has implanted digital technology, and customer-centricity as the core areas. IIMU also wants to take a lead in the way management research and how it would be shaped by digital technologies. The institute has also introduced digital-related courses in all their educational programs, he further mentioned. He emphasized the vision 2030 of IIM Udaipur to be a globally acknowledged Business School with world ranking in the top 100 in Research.

IIM Udaipur 10 years of establishment janat shah

The two-evening event witnessed eminent professor Dr. Sunil Gupta, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, deliver the Keynote Address on Day 1, followed by a panel discussion with Ms. Bidisha Nagraj, VP Marketing Global Marketing (CMO) Schneider Electric India & Board Director Schneider Infrastructure Ltd, Ms. Kavita Chaturvedi, COO, ITC Snack Foods Business and Mr. Simon Thomas, Avanade, Singapore.

Dr. Gerald Kane, Professor of Information Systems at Boston College's Carroll School of Management, delivered the Keynote Address on Day 2, which was followed by a panel discussion with Ms. Kanika Sanghi, Partner & Associate Director, Center for Consumer Insight, Boston Consulting Group, Mr. Sanjay Menon, MD, Publicis Sapient, India, and Dr. Simon Roberts, Board President, Epic People & Stripe Partners, UK.

IIM Udaipur 10 years of establishment janat shah

Dr. Gupta presented on “Driving Digital Strategy: A Guide to Reimagining Your Business.” He presentation covered three broad topics on how an organization can drive digital strategies. In his talk, he said, “Customers don’t always know what’s around the corner. Start with a business opportunity, look for the best technology, identify customer problems and provide them with the best solutions.”

“There should be a rope connecting the speed boats to the mother ship so that they don’t go too far from it. In the same way, digital strategies should drive the organization but they should stick to their legacy businesses of providing the best to the customers,” Dr. Gupta further added.

Dr. Gerald Kane’s Keynote Address was focused on his book titled, “The Transformation Myth: Leading Your Organization through Uncertain Times.” He explained his research of five years on understanding the digital business evolution. “While navigating disruptions, organizations need to be more capable, more developed, more agile and flexible, and create more opportunities. Many companies were prepared for the transition even before COVID happened and that led them to sustain the proximities of the adverse situations. If you know the history, you know the future and this will help you get prepared to lead in a digital role”, he added.

IIM Udaipur 10 years of establishment janat shah

The panel discussion on the first day focused on “The Binary Switch: Digital Transformation & The Future of Business”. It looked at the implementation of technology in organizations by emphasizing a partnership ecosystem, people, process-driven techniques, problem-solving skills, and asking the right questions to understand consumers. The speakers brought comprehensive learnings from their experience while leading and guiding businesses in the forever-changing digital business world.

Signifying its initiative, IIM created a special hashtag “ItStartsAtU for the Event and #10YearsUnstoppable signifying its achievements and a firm resolve to be a global management school in the next decade

The panel discussion on day-2 was on “Society 2.0: The Rise of Digital Anthropology.” It deep dived into questions of relevance and understanding of digital anthropology in business settings. It examined how digital anthropology could play a vital role in responding to marketing problems by using digital prints in getting the consumer insights right. The concept of digital anthropology is less understood but there may soon be a day when you have someone with a title of ‘Digital Anthropologist’ soon in organizations, the panelists summed up.

IIM Udaipur 10 years of establishment janat shah

Prof. Srinivas Pingali and Prof. Rajesh Nanarpuzha of IIM Udaipur moderated the panel discussions on Day 1 and Day 2 respectively. Dr Y Shekhar, Head, Centre for Digital Enterprise Management, delivered the welcome address and introduced the Keynote Speakers. The webinar saw the presence of more than 1000 participants who were business leaders, brand managers, digital heads and professionals, along with faculty, researchers and students.

About IIM Udaipur: -

IIM Udaipur is well on its way to becoming a globally recognized B-School. It has broken new ground by focusing on world-class research and transforming students into tomorrow's managers and leaders. The Institute arrived on the global education stage by securing accreditation from the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) in merely eight years of its establishment. With this accreditation, IIM Udaipur is counted in the same league of global institutes such as Harvard Business School, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the MIT Sloan School. Recently, IIMU has been listed on the Financial Times (FT) Global MIM Ranking 2021 as well as the QS Global MIM Ranking 2022. 

IIMU is only the third IIM in the prestigious rankings holding a spot in the Top 100 in FT Masters in Management 2021 Global Ranking for its two-year MBA program for the third consecutive year along with IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore. The institute was also listed in the prestigious Masters in Management (MIM) QS World University Rankings 2022 for the third consecutive year. The B-school performed amongst the top 97% of the 155 programs that were globally assessed. It is the 7th IIM along with IIM Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Kozhikode and Indore to get listed in the prestigious ranking. However, IIM Udaipur is the youngest B-school globally along with the University of Sydney Business School to be listed in the QS 2022 MIM Rankings.

IIMU is also currently ranked 4th in India, after ISB, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Bangalore, for research in management according to the methodology used by UT Dallas, which tracks publications in the leading global journals.

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