An increasing number of Indian students choose to pursue higher education in the US

An increasing number of Indian students choose to pursue higher education in the US

Subjects like Mathematics and Computer Science are on their top priority list

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Engineering is no longer the top reason for Indian students to study abroad in the United States. Over the past ten years, programmes in mathematics and computer science have risen to the top of the list in terms of popularity. The best institutions that can provide the necessary skills and knowledge for comprehensive professional growth come to mind when a student considers pursuing higher education abroad. 

The statistics show that 10,38.8%, or 40,700, of Indian students enrolling in US universities in 2009 and 2010 chose to pursue engineering degrees. The percentage of engineering students dropped to 29.6% in 2021–2022—a rise of 58.957 over the previous year in US enrollment overall. 

The percentage of Indian students seeking mathematics and computer science degrees in the US increased from 19.8% to 36.8% during the same time period.

Why do Indian Students prefer studying in the US for higher education?

There is a particular draw to studying in the US for students from other countries. It is a study location with a lot to offer, including world-class institutions, first-rate student facilities, a thriving job market, lovely towns and parks, and a population that is extremely diversified in terms of culture. 

The US has the world's greatest economy. Although the economy is not growing as quickly as in other rising nations, the size of the economy as a whole and the infrastructure for growth that businesses have access to offer a variety of career and growth prospects for students from various streams.

Instead of continuing with the outdated methods of teaching and learning, the nation has continuously increased its curriculum in all subjects and included the newest technology for learning, enhanced the evaluation procedures, and promoted the students collaborative development. The US continues to be at the top of the priority lists of the students because they want to be a part of this type of academic atmosphere.

When the most recent Open Doors Report was released in November of  2022 an official claimed that even in 2022, the majority of Indians who acquired student visas choose engineering, business management, and math and computer science as their majors subject. 


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