How to prepare for Social Science Exam Class 10?

How to prepare for Social Science Exam Class 10?

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Social Science for class 10 is considered one of the most challenging subjects from the student's point of view since the subjects are very vast, which creates panic in students' minds. But! If you read and learn with proper techniques, you will score excellent marks in the examination. Percentages of students lack proper techniques. To get a better percentile inboard, I have come up with learning social science better. Let's have a look at them one by one:

1. Be familiar with the theory: as you know, there is no numerical part in social science; hence there is only theory for you. Whenever you are reading a social science book, remember to read it thoroughly. When you read the chapters, you will find many hidden new words and essential lines in between. Mark those words and lines with the help of a pencil and learn them thoroughly. Reading chapters in this way helps you deal with inside questions and questions at the back of the chapters.

2. Highlight the essential elements: You know you have to remember many things in social science. From dates to different places names, from years to the name of countries, from geographic regions to climatic conditions, from laws to human rights, you have to remember various things. So! Whenever you are reading the chapters, you highlight the things so that you can have a look at them at any point. Even if you are preparing notes, highlight the essential points. You can also stick notes mentioning dates, years, etc., and attach them to the wall in front of your reading space.

3. Understand the answers:  this is the best trick for scoring good marks in the examination. What You need to do is to understand the answer. Suppose you are reading a question and answer, so instead of mugging up the whole answer, try to understand the answer. Knowing the answer will make it easy to memorize it for an extended period. Yes! When you know the answer, you will get an idea of the meaning of the answer. It will help you frame the answer instead of the examination in your own words.

4. Writing the answers is vital: writing the answer is the best for learning the answer. If you want to learn the answer, then mugging it up is not enough in social science. The dates years are so confusing, and you can quickly get confused if you only learn the answer. So! The best way to learn the answer is to write the answer. When you write the answer, your brain gets involved, and you will understand and know the answer. This trick is very beneficial for learning the long answers.

5. Study alternate days: As you know you have to prepare four subjects for the exams, now when you have to prepare all four subjects, prepare smartly. Don't learn all the subjects in a day. Instead, choose different days for learning the subjects. For example- if you are learning history on Monday, try to read civics on Wednesday. Similarly, read geography on Friday and so on. You can keep other subjects with it but avoid reading the same subjects all day. It will create boredom, confusion, and panic in your mind.

Final words

Board exams are not like straightforward school exams. It has its level of difficulties and its tricks of dealing with subjects. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will score good marks in social science.

All The Best!

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